Quiponin™ BS is a 100 % natural soil improver manufactured on the basis of elements from the soapbark tree (Quillaja saponaria) and tea seed (Camellia oleifera). The product is available in two variants: Quiponin™ BS Powder and Quiponin™ BS Liquid. The powder version further contains sepiolite as a carrier.

Both variants are easy to use and they are well suited as soil improvers within agriculture, forestry and horticulture. The products are applied directly to areas with fruit trees, vegetables, strawberries etc.

The high content of quillaja – a natural fungicide – makes the products effective natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals. Quiponin™ BS can thereby fully or partially replace the synthetic products that are often used as solutions to fungus and nematode related problems in plant production or as growth promoters.

For datasheet on Quiponin™ BS Powder, please click here:  ( D-sh-Quiponin BS Powder.pdf )

For datasheet on Quiponin™ BS Liquid, please click here: (D-sh-Quiponin BS Liquid.pdf )

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