Nor-Natur markets the following product lines within plant cultivation

  • Natural pesticides
  • Natural performance enhancers

All products of Nor-Natur are characterised by a high content of saponins based on extracts and dried, milled powder of plant extracts of  Yucca and Quillaja. The saponins provide the products with natural surfactant effects that in turn offer the soil and/or growth media better physical, chemical and biological conditions. This provides the plants with a greater ability to exploit available water and nutrients.

This surfactant effect may also profitably be used to lower risks of infection in recirculating irrigation systems in greenhouses and nurseries.

In addition to the saponin rich plant extracts, the products of Nor-Natur also contain clay minerals in the form of Sepiolite and Clinoptilolite. Clay minerals are effective soil improvers as they have large surface areas and often a high ion exchange capacity as a result. This means that they are able to absorb water and nutrients, which can be released at a later stage, when necessary.


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